When you shop at Durham Natural Foods you know you are being offered only those products we have faith in ourselves. 


Supplements & Herbs

Our supplements are chosen carefully from the hundreds of companies producing herbal products.


Brands like Renew Life, Health First, Living Alchemy, Nature's Way, Progressive, Lorna Vanderhauge, Brad King, Botanica, Dr Whitaker, MegaFood, AOR, Efamol, Nature's Harmony, Natural Factors, Garden of Life, Naka, Carlson, Udo's, Flora, Vogel, and New Nordic.



The Health First product line offers some of the finest quality vitamin products available. We also offer Garden of Life Raw vitamins, MegaFood Tabs; Progressive MultiVitamins, SiSU Vitamin C, Natural Factors B vitamins, and Nature’s Way herbal capsules. Liquid multivitamins are available from NOW, Nature's Plus, and we also have various Naka vitamin products.


Natural Pet Care

We are proud to share our growing line of natural health alternatives for your pet. A healthy pet today saves vet bills tomorrow. We carry a full range of supplements for your dog and cat of any age.


We carry Omega Alpha Pet Supplements, OregaPet Oregano Oil Products for Pets, and Ascenta Canine and Feline Omega-3 Oils.


Natural Products for Personal Care

Harsh chemicals, dangerous ingredients, and risky choices in skin care products don't have to be your only effective choice for a more beautiful you. 


We include well known and highly trusted names like Derma-E, Prairie Naturals, Jāsön, Sibu, Mill Creek, Aroma Crystal, and Nature's Aid (created right here in Sudbury and now a nationwide best-selling health product!).


Organic Foods

We believe strongly that a long healthy life starts from what we ingest. We carry a range of:

  • organic meats and local grass-fed beef
  • organic chicken eggs
  • organic and sprouted grain flours
  • organic sprouted grain bread
  • organic beans, canned goods, condiments, cheeses, butter, spreads, cereals, oils, fruit and vegetable juices, nuts, yoghurts (with actual live probiotics)
  • RISE, Brew Dr., and Booch Kombucha drinks
  • organic teas and spices

Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free Products

We carry several Gluten-Free flours and blends for all your baking needs as well as Gluten-Free snack options.


Healthier Snack Foods

Snack foods don't have to be unhealthy foods!

Dark organic chocolates, fresh organic nuts, protein and health bars, gum made with the cavity-fighting Xylitol, real licorice, ginger beers, and frozen desserts made from coconut oils. Some of our snack foods are raw, some are sprouted, and near everything is organic. Come in and check out some of our favourites!